Begin. Again.


The irony and humor of starting another blog with another post about starting over again is not lost on me. I’m pretty transparent, so I’ll be upfront on the front end: I’m not very good at consistency.

In my mind I am. In my mind, I have grandiose visions of how life would be if I were consistent in everything: how I eat, how I spend my time, how I spend my money, how I do ministry. Yet, time after time that just doesn’t seem to come to pass. And yet, that may be the very most consistent thing about myself. So, yay! Consistency.

This is, again, one of those “beginning” posts. I have kept a blog on and off for years, with dreams that someone, somewhere will read a post one day and say to themselves, “Hey, that kid’s got it.” I’m not really sure what it is, but I imagine it to be something that gives me lots of recognition, comments, and the ever-elusive, yet important “like” or retweet. But I’m not sure I’m ready for “it”, whatever that is. This idea, of writing, of bringing back a space where I tell my story, has been banging around in my mind for about 3-4 months now. It won’t leave. It explodes to the forefront at weird times and I get oddly excited about it, and then I forget. Typical Marty.

But, this idea keeps coming back.

So, maybe there’s something here: something worth doing, saying, or existing for. So, if you want to, I’d like you keep coming by. Pull up a chair, share a cup of coffee or a piece of bacon (unless I’ve eaten it all) and join me in my life. I’m probably going to talk about ministry, my family, video games, life in general, and I’m definitely going to overshare about board games. If any of that interests you, then great. If not, let’s still be friends, ok?

Here’s to beginning. Again.

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